AB Lock

Temporary key and master key.

Inner Door Lock

Key protector.

Stainless Steel

Heavy Duty Hinge.


130-Degree view.

Understand Our Unique Features

The security of homes and offices is the major concern for everyone nowadays due to uncertainties, more importantly, no one brings safety attentions more than we do here at YL Security Door. It is our primary concern and commitment, providing safety, security and peace of mind to homes and offices through our broad range of high quality manufactured security doors in Malaysia.

A door plays an important role in your home and office security, it is one of the key concerns during turbulent times. Undoubtedly there are growing demands and attentions to door safety and reliability throughout the country nowadays. To meet today’s ever-changing customers’ demands, requirements and measures including safety, burglarproofing, soundproofing, design and etc, YL Security Door constantly producing new and innovative security door models.

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We Make Security For Your Home

We stand out from our competition with our technical design capability provided by our dynamic team. We strive to set the benchmark in exceeding our customer expectations in Quality & Delivery.